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  • JS

    Hey, I really liked the hotel you guys booked for my conference in Barcelona. Do you also book personal holidays or just business?

    John Smith / 9:45 PM
  • cp

    Hi there, we are glad you had a comfortable stay. Yes, of course! We plan and book holidays as well.

    ClayPlay / 9:46 PM
  • JS

    Thats great! Can you please plan a South Africa Holiday for me?

    John Smith / 9:50 PM
  • cp

    Sure, here are few South Africa Safari Holidays to choose from

    ClayPlay / 9:48 PM

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  • Still in the meeting, can you please book me on the next flight

  • Sure, how about flight at 10 PM?

  • Perfect

  • Flight is booked, we've checked you in and here is the boarding pass.

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