About Us

ClayPlay - Online Premium Travel Concierge Brand was launched by NowGo Travel in August 2016. NowGo Travel has been registered as a Private Limited Company in Delhi on 29th December 2014.
  • Newton Raj

  • Charmine Jacob

Newton and Charmine, two Stephanians worked jobs for over a decade in the Corporate sector, till in 2014 when they had a Eureka moment and both dropped their respective careers to pursue what is now known as 'ClayPlay'.

ClayPlay is an elite, dedicated group of professionals offering Online Concierge Service to Premium Travelers, from planning, researching and booking, all with a simple chat. The name ClayPlay comes from our goal which is to make travel as easy as ClayPlay for its users. Like playing with clay we mold and shape things exactly how we like it within seconds, ClayPlay aims to do the same with Premium Travel.

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