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Igloos and Auroras Finland

Start off from Helsinki, overlooking the Gulf of Finland, Helsinki teams rich history with an easygoing, urban vibe. Take a flight or train to Rovaniemi and go hunting for the Northern Lights. Reindeer and Husky Safari sounds like a fun option and a visit to the Santa Claus Village is a must. Or even a stay at the Santa’s Hotel. Next stop is Saariselkä where we have the once in a lifetime experience with a stay in Glass Igloos to watch the Northern Lights all night long. There are hundreds of Ski resorts all over Finland. Vuokatti, thanks to its unique geographical situation in Kainuu region, is one of the most popular all year around holiday resorts in Finland. Because of its unique facilities like the ski & snowboard tunnel, Vuokatti offers all year round winter activities both for professional level winter sports training as well as leisure oriented travellers.

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